12 years after it was made, Kano Goes to Taiwan International Documentary Festival

Kano: An American and His Harem was part of the 2022 Taiwan International Documentary Festival’s (TIDF) Focus Programme.

TIDF is one of the major festivals for documentaries in Asia. Last May 2022, the 13th edition of TIDF was held with a Focus Programme titled “Necessary Fictions: Negotiating Realities in Post-national Philippine Documentaries” that featured 46 curated films from the Philippines that explored themes of history, geography, culture, folklore, religion and race. The program includes both classics and more recent films with various forms and perspectives.

It has been 12 years since Kano’s release, making it one of the older films featured in the festival. Writer-director Monster Jimenez finds it ironic that while Kano might be an old work, the issues found in the film–such as feudalism, family obligations, war, and colonialism–are not.

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