Monster Jimenez mentoring for the Malaysian Development Lab for Feature Films.

Monster Jimenez, Arkeofilms’ in-house producer is a script mentor for the Malaysian Development Lab for Feature Films or mylab.


mylab is an incubation lab for emerging Malaysian filmmakers, directors, scriptwriters, and producers. Through the guidance of chosen international and regional experts in film–particularly scriptwriting, producing, direction, and distribution–mylab helps aspiring filmmakers develop scripts and film projects. At the end of the program, each project should have a dossier and other materials needed for pitching to regional or international audiences.


The incubation lab was formed by Lorna Tee, a Malaysian-Dutch producer, festival director, and curator, who also invited Jimenez to be included in mylab’s roster of mentors.


As a script mentor, Jimenez helps supervise a project in the early stages of film development. She provides opportunities for the participants and helps them see how to develop their films further. 

Monster Jimenez is a writer-producer known for Kano: An American and His Harem (2010), Apocalypse Child (2015), Respeto (2017), and Arkeofilms’ most recent award-winning feature film Leonor Will Never Die (2022).