Other Families

Directed By:

Joel Ruiz


Joel Ruiz and Tara Sering

Produced By:

Margie Templo & Tracy Sarte


Lui Manansala

Ang Ibang Mga Pamilya and Lakad ni Sammy are two short films adapted from Jose Y. Dalisay’s short story, Some Families, Very Large. 

In Pamilya, spinster Connie (Lui Manansala) deals with the loss of her adopted son, Cesar, a young man with Down’s syndrome. Faced with sudden emptiness, she occupies herself with the minutiae of the wake. A chance encounter with strangers forces her to evaluate her future.

In Sammy, nine year-old Sammy (Paulken Bustillo) spends a day with his grifter father Felipe (Randy Punzal). A toothache plaagues Sammy while his father drags him around the city hustling for money. A chance encounter brings forward the truth in their relationship.  This diptych of films are very different from each other but share one pivotal encounter that echoes in each story.

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