Produced By:

Arkeofilms, Quezon City Film Festival, and Skinny People Productions

Directed By:

Mario Cornejo


Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez


Sid Lucero, Annicka Dolonius, Gwen Zamora, RK Bagatsing, Ana Abad Santos, Archie Alemania

In the seaside town of Baler, Philippines, surfing instructor Ford (Sid Lucero) is told all his life that he is the son of American director Francis Ford Coppola, who was in town to shoot his film Apocalypse Now. Ford wastes his youth as his mother Chona (Ana Abad Santos) petitions the director to acknowledge his son. But as the surfing season ends, he’s forced to face his past and the myths surrounding his life.

Apocalypse Child is a story about how we create myths and how myths create us. 

The film is the winner of Best Picture at the 2015 QCinema International Film Festival. It is also the winner of Best Film at the 2016 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival and 2016 Five Flavours Asian Film Festival. Contact us to screen Apocalypse Child.

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