Produced By:

Arkeofilms, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Asian Network of Documentary, and Goteborg Film Fund

Directed By:

Monster Jimenez

In a resort-like compound in rural Negros Occidental, a decorated Vietnam vet named Victor Pearson lived like a king. He built a harem of women, from ages 11-35, threw lavish, sexually charged parties for powerful men in the area. In 2001, the compound was raided and he was put in prison for rape. In prison, he married five of the women who testified against him, and they all live in an apartment five minutes away from the jail.

Kano is the story of this unusual family. “It might not be a typical family, but that’s the way it is,” Pearson says.

A winner of the First Appearance Award at the prestitious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, this searing documentary needs to be seen to be believed. Contact us to screen Kano.

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