Produced By:
Dogzilla, Arkeofilms, Cinemalaya, and This Side Up
Directed By:
Alberto Monteras III
Nathaniel de Mesa and Alberto Monteras III
Abra, Dido de la Paz, and Loonie
Hendrix (Abra) is a 17-year-old orphan who works as a drug courier. Tired of the abuses and hardships he endures in the slums of Pandacan, Manila,  the aspiring young rapper wishes to break free from poverty by competing in local fliptop battles and engaging in petty crimes. A bookstore robbery gone awry leads to an unlikely friendship with the store owner Doc (Dido dela Paz), a friendship they hold on to despite their bleak circumstances.

More than just a film about an aspiring Filipino rapper, Respeto creates a cinema of resistance against both the War on Drugs and martial law by anchoring its foundation on the rebellious artform of hip-hop and centering its themes on violence, injustice, and fascism.

Copping a total of 7 awards at the Cinemalaya Film Festival including Best Picture, Audience Choice, and NETPAC, Respeto is a powerful and gripping drama that serves as a chilling reminder of the horrors present in the country’s alarming political climate.   Contact us to screen Respeto

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